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Smudging Starter Kit

CHF79.00 Regular Price
CHF39.50Sale Price

Want to learn how to smudge? This Smudge Starter Set will help get you started with everything you need for a healing and cleansing smudge experience.

Set Includes:

  • Lion Paw Shell
  • 2 Small California White Sage Bundles 
  • Desert Magic Sage Smudge Bundle
  • Cedar Smudge Bundle
  • Smudge Fan
  • Sivana Incense Burner Sand
  • What is Smudging?

    Smudging is an ancient ritual that comes from the Native American healing and shamanic traditions of working with energy. The practice clears low vibrations, negative and stuck energy. The most common herb used in smudging is the white sage; this is the scent most people associate with smudging. Cedar, palo alto and other herbs can also be used in smudging ceremonies.