White Sage & Sweetgrass

White Sage & Sweetgrass

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Sweet grass, or weengushk, is believed to have been the first plant to grow on Mother Earth.

 Sweet grass is said to be the hair of Mother Earth, and Mother Earth has feminine energy, which might be why people say that it is the woman's medicine.  However, sweet grass also represents strength, which is more of a masculine energy. One strand of sweet grass can be easily broken, but when the sweet grass is braided, it's almost impossible to break. Strength in family and the strength in the community is what the sweet grass medicine teaches us, and what it represents. 


 Sweet grass doesn't burn as well as cedar or sage, so that is why it is combined with sage in this stick. 


Light your smudging stick, then smudge your head and your eyes, so that you only think good thoughts and see the good and the positive in everything. Then you smudge your mouth so that you say only positive things. And after you finish smudging yourself, you allow the smoke to touch everything else in the room.

It's also important to focus on what you're thankful for, so saying thank you to the creator for having our health, and having our family in good health and our spirits with us, that makes us stronger





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