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There's a lot of attention being given to essential oils in the Media and Wellness Industry.  So why is everyone talking about them?  Not only because they smell great but also because they can have enormous therapeutic value!  However, not every brand is safe or effective and there are many aspects to consider when using these powerful plant solutions.  Nicole is a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra Essential Oils and is here to help you find the solutions that are right for you & your family.

If you are interested in learning more about the best quality essential oils available, she can help. Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or have already started your journey, she can show you how essential oils can support your individual health and well-being.

DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTerra produces the best quality essential oils in the world. How do we know this?

The source plant materials are grown in their indigenous environment so that the plants produce the most therapeutic and potent oils that nature have to offer.

The oils go through the most rigorous testing methods of any other essential oil company in the industry to verify that they are pure and unadulterated.

DoTerra`s mission is to share the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic essential oils to the world by producing the safest, purest and best quality oils available.

New to Doterra?

Not sure where to start? Come to one of my monthly workshops or book a free personal consultation to get introduced to this transformational beginning to natural living. Or visit our shop to sample the oils and see the wide variety of available products. Just smelling the oils, you will quickly notice the huge difference in quality.

If you already know what you want please see the detailed instructions below on how to order.

Getting started with DoTerra

We recommend that you create a DoTerra account so you can benefit from a wholesale discount of 25% as well as free training and reliable resource materials.  You can order as often or as little as you want but whenever you do order, you will receive the numerous benefits of having a wholesale account.

When you open an account, you can choose a starter kit which contain products that allow you to immediately start using the oils in your daily routines.  There are several starter kit options detailed in the catalog link below.

You can also open an account by ordering individual oils if you have specific products in mind.  If you need help selecting what's best for your individual needs, please contact us for a free consultation or stop by our shop to browse the starter kits in person. 


See also the DoTerra product catalog (PDF) and price list (PDF).

Learn more about DoTerra

Work with me

If you`ve ever wanted to work for a company that has true values and purpose you can build a business with DoTerra.


If you appreciate natural & clean living and would like to work with a team of motivated and supportive people then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


The benefits of building a business with DoTerra

  • work from home almost anywhere in the world

  • design your own schedule

  • design your own way of building the business

  • receive as much or as little support as you need

  • free personal development

  • free education on essential oils uses, safety and benefits

  • provide yourself with financial independence

  • support and help individuals and families improve their health and well being.

  • opportunities to participate in humanitarian efforts around the world.

  • work with an amazing group of like minded individuals

  • work for a company that has the highest level of values and ethics.

  • join a new way of network marketing that does not push or sell products.

Why DoTerra?

Did you know that DoTerra has a bigger purpose than the production of the purest and most potent essential oils in the world? They are a company whose mission is to help and heal others. Their global humanitarian efforts are already astounding and they continue to grow around the world.

DoTerra Essential oils are used not only because they smell amazing but also because they have tremendous therapeutic & medicinal benefits (both physically and emotionally). You can`t get the same benefit from using other oils of lesser quality- and DoTerra is committed to maintaining and proving that every bottle is of the highest quality by sharing publicly all of their internal and third party testing results. No other essential oil company in the world does this!

DoTerra Essential oils can help millions of people improve their quality of life. You may already know that they are used widely by individuals, families, yoga studios and spas. But imagine what the impact could be if doctors, dentists, therapists, schools and hospitals started to replace so many of the harmful and toxic medications and products with nature’s greatest source of healing?

We do not `sell` or `push` people to buy a product, we teach people how to live a healthier life. We work in a team of wonderful people who also share the same values and vision. You will get all the guidance and support you need.

Contact me to learn more and set up a meeting.



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