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Not Every Essential Oil is Equal

When using Essential Oils, it is important to use only pure, unadulterated oils. Otherwise, they will not work as intended and you will not receive the benefits you should. You could even be exposing yourself to more toxins and not even be aware of it. While many companies claim that their oils are pure, there is little, or no testing done to verify this.

DoTerra Essential Oils are Different

DoTerra produces the best quality essential oils in the world and are committed to the highest standards and values, both ethically and scientifically.


We know this because DoTerra follows the most diligent sourcing, production and testing in the industry:


  • Plants are only sourced from their indigenous environments.

  • Their testing methods are the most rigorous and advanced for both oil purity and potency.

  • They follow complete transparency on oil purity, potency and testing.

  • Co-impact sourcing is their only way to work directly with farmers.

  • Their Healing Hands Foundation supports humanitarian efforts around the world and changes lives for the better.

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