A New Way to End the Year

As I reflect on the past year my heart is full of gratitude.  Not because everything went my way and I breezed through the year without challenges.  I have gratitude because I have learned that I always have a choice.  I can look at things with my negative glasses on or I can shift my perspective and look at all of the positive aspects of the year, all the gifts I received and all the teachers that helped me to learn what I am supposed to in this life.   Today I choose the positive, today I choose gratitude.

I write this today because this was not always me.  For a long time I approached each New Year saying `WOW that was a tough year, next year HAS to be BETTER!` But I was stuck in the same old thinking, the same old patterns, and the same old routines that I lived and grew up with for most of my life.  So nothing changed and in fact, circumstances in my life became so much worse.

Thankfully, I chose a new way of life, one that I see as a gift, that has so many aspects to it. One of the most important aspects being that no matter what happens, there is always learning if I choose to see it, and always a possibility for things to change for the better.  I learned that I am never alone unless I choose to be and that every day I have a choice of how I want to live that day.  I keep going, even on the hardest of days, and I always keep trying, even if I make mistakes and fail.  

Life is certainly a journey and life happens- throughout it all we are always given a choice on how we want to experience it.  I am still learning how to live life to the fullest and embrace all it has to offer. But what helps me the most is to surround myself with people I can trust, people who make me laugh, people who love me no matter what and to remember above all else that I am not alone.  Oh, and of course, having an adorable dog always helps :-)

I hope you can look back on this year and see all that you gained and join me in looking forward to an exciting and positive new year ahead!  I hope to share with you some part of life in this coming year and to grow and learn together through all that 2020 has to teach us. 

With love & gratitude,


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