Healthy Habits Day 10

A habit that is often overlooked is making self-care a priority. Like we often schedule everything else in our lives, it is also important to schedule self-care. That will truly make it a habit. I like to schedule self care on Sundays, why don`t you join me? Or choose any day or evening that suits you.

Self-care can look different for everyone and can vary for you from time to time as well depending on your needs.

A popular practice for relaxation is adding a few drops of Lavender or an essential oil of your choice to Bath Salts or Magnesium Salts and draw yourself a nice warm bath. Grab a diffuser, a good book and a cup of tea and turn your bathroom into a relaxation station. If you prefer to have no distractions you can even meditate in the bath.

Taking a bath with Essential Oils is transforming!

Do you have a favorite thing to do to recharge your batteries?

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