Healthy Habits Day 23

very important part of our health, happiness and overall well-being is getting enough sleep each night. In a time when you might reach for the medicinal sleep aids, I want to recommend some natural solutions that I have found to be personally very helpful.

If I am stressed or worrying too much I take 1 Serenity softgel about 20 minutes before bedtime, These magic softgels will help quiet your mind and won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

I then put Balance Blend and Serenity Blend in my diffuser (3:1 Ratio) and close the bedroom door. If you want extra respiratory support you can use Lavender and Breathe Blend to keep the airways open, especially helpful if there is a snorer in your life :-). Once you`re ready for bed and open the door you will feel like you are walking into a spa!

Once I`m in bed I add a drop of Lavender to Coconut Oil or Virgin Sesame Oil and give myself a short foot massage. Not only does this feel really nice, the essential oils will quickly enter the bloodstream through the bottom of the feet, providing support to relax the nervous system.

What natural solutions do you use for a good night's sleep?