Healthy Habits Day 4

Updated: Jan 5

Fill those diffusers up! And if you don't have a diffuser, make the small investment to get one. It will change the entire atmosphere in your home! You can choose to start with one diffuser or buy one for each room you use most; living room, bedroom & office. There are selected kits on the DoTerra Website where you get a diffuser or you can buy one from my SAVA Living store. It is suggested to stay away from the candle based diffusers that heat oil in water as it changes the chemical structure of the oils.

Start experimenting with different diffuser blends. Not only is it fun but as you breath in the water particles that contain the oil, they support your mood and provide emotional balance. Use uplifting blends for the morning and afternoon, use relaxing blends for the evening and anytime you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Diffuser Tip: I make a habit of keeping a container of distilled or filtered water by each diffuser so that it is easier to fill them up and I don’t have an excuse not to.

Share your favorite diffuser blend below and you will be added to our New Year raffle where you can win great products to support your Healthy Habits.