Healthy Habits Day 7

dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (also known as LLV) is one of dōTERRA’s most popular products.

It is packed full of…

✅ Essential nutrients

✅ Powerful antioxidants

✅ Metabolic benefits is no wonder why people LOVE these supplements! LLV is the foundation of wellness and health so of course it will be one of the habits that we focus on this month.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we are getting all of our vitamins and nutrients this day and age due to depletions in the soil etc. This is why supplementation is so important!

Not all supplements are created equally. dōTERRA, however, has the same quality assurance standards performed on the LLV that they do all of their oils. You are guaranteed the best of the best! There is no genetically modified material and they are dairy free. There is even a Vegan option.

Take four capsules of each xEO Mega, Microplex VMz, and Alpha CRS+ per day with food. I suggest 2 of each at Breakfast and 2 at Lunch. If you are brand new to LLV, you can cut the dose in half to begin. You will experience antioxidant and DNA protection, more energy, better metabolism, bone health, immune support, healthy hair, skin and nails and an overall feeling of wellness and vitality! Sounds pretty amazing to me!

Take this assessment and see whether LLV is right for you

Do you have any personal testimonials with LLV? I would love to hear how it has helped you!

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