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Adaptiv Touch

Adaptiv Touch

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When stress and tension seem to be relentless, Adaptiv Calming Blend is the precise solution.  Use Adaptiv to help get comfortable with new surroundings or situations.

When a big meeting is coming up, or for other important events, keep Adaptiv Calming Blend on hand.


In preliminary studies, the scent of Lavender, a main ingredient of Adaptiv, has been found to contribute to an environment conducive to performing tasks requiring sustained attention.


Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, and Sweetgum provide stress-relieving effects while Wild Orange and Spearmint energize and uplift.  Copaiba and Rosemary soothe anxious feelings to round out the calming blend.   Whether you’re feeling fatigued or restless, indecisive or irritable, Adaptiv Calming Blend is part of the toolbox to help the body and mind to stay balanced.


Primary Benefits

  • Assists in centering
  • Increases feelings of tranquility
  • Soothes and uplifts mood
  • Reduces feeling of anxiousness and tension.



  • Apply to pulse points to help with feelings of balance.
  • Use to massage shoulders and neck to ease tension and relieve fatigue.
  • Roll onto hands, rub together, and inhale deeply as needed throughout the day.
  • Apply to wrists and temples whenever you feel the need to gain composure quickly.


Size: Comes in 10 ml Roll-on.


  • Topical use: Apply to desired area as needed. No dilution required.
    Aromatic use: Roll on to diffusing jewelry, natural dolomite, or lava diffusing rocks.


100% natürliche Schönheitsprodukte mit aromatherapeutischen Vorteilen. Hergestellt in der Schweiz, seit 2018.

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Ich benutze die Produkte von Sava schon seit Jahren und kann sie nur empfehlen! Nicole hat mich immer geduldig beraten, wenn ich ein ätherisches Öl brauchte oder einfach ein schönes Geschenk suchte. Meine Lieblingsartikel sind ihre selbstgemachten Shampoos oder Energiesteine. Schauen Sie sich diese unbedingt an, wenn Sie ihr bezauberndes Geschäft besuchen!


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