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Founder of SAVA Living

SAVA Living was founded by Nicole Spencer, who first started creating natural products because of health issues she developed from using conventional skin care products. At around the same time, she fell in love with Aromatherapy, and began to add therapeutic grade essential oils to create the luxurious products she offers her customers today. Nicole was able to solve her health problems by using SAVA products which is a clear testament to how effective they are.

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About Us

What Sets us Apart

At SAVA we create our products by combining Natural Skin and Beauty care formulations with Aromatherapy; two powerful solutions for optimal wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.   Using the finest natural ingredients together with the perfect natural essence gives you a whole new experience with your personal care routine.  We will never use an artificial ingredient or fragrance, ever.   Our products allow you to experience the balance and harmony that nature intended.

Our Philosophy


SAVA is a luxurious, consciously crafted beauty brand. Our philosophy is to deliver the finest and most effective clean and sustainable products to our valued customers.


All of our products are handmade in Zürich, Switzerland in small batches. We use only the best quality ingredients, consciously sourced, including pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We preserve our products with pure and naturally derived preservatives to ensure that nature is truly reflected in each product.



We have the highest respect for this planet and all its living creatures. We consider our impact on the planet and on nature in everything we do.


How we protect what we love:

  • We use glass and aluminum jars and bottles that are fully recyclable. 

  • We believe in minimal waste and add nothing unnecessary to the packaging of our products, including product boxes.

  • We operate a small production lab and make all our beautiful products by hand which significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to producing in a large-scale facility.

  • We offer a Recycling Rewards Program.

  • We offer a 20% discount for product refills.

  • We use only recyclable materials when we ship products and offer a pickup option for orders within the Zürich area.

  • When we source ingredients, we understand that shipping and transport has an impact on the environment. In order to make the best quality products, we do need ingredients that are only available from other countries and regions. However, we offset our carbon footprint by making every effort to work with suppliers who produce sustainably, provide fair wages, and operate in a way that has a positive impact on their communities.

  • Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals, never.

  • 90% of our products are Vegan and we hope to have all our products Vegan by the beginning of 2022. For our products that contain Beeswax and Honey, we make every effort to source from producers that gather the beeswax and honey in a way that protects the bees and the integrity of the hive.

  • We are always looking for ways to improve and support sustainability. You will notice these changes as we grow, and better options become available. We are always open to suggestions so please reach out if you have any feedback.

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