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Jade Facial Roller

Jade Facial Roller

CHF42.00 Regular Price
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Regularly massage with this exquisite Jade Crystal Massage Roller to help release stiffness and tension in the facial and neck muscles. This refreshes blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, which helps improve elasticity and skin tone.


Lymphatic drainage is stimulated with gentle and persistent (downward) pressure of the roller, which can reduce puffiness and sagging particularly around the cheeks and eyes.


Jade is also known to produce negative ions, which encourage cell metabolism. It also can help counteract electromagnetic radiation put out by devices such as computers, cell phones, and microwaves. Making it a needed amulet in today's world.


This tool can be used by itself or in combination with face masks, serums, moisturizers, and facial oils for better absorption of the product.  It works great with SAVA Facial Serums, Toners and Face Creams.


Regular massages help promote blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to the skin, thus improving elasticity, skin tone and collagen production.


Pro tip: Rollers can be hand-warmed before use or popped in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra cooling effect used cold to re-invigorate a sore and tired face.

  • Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer- SAVA serums, toners and moisturizer`s work great with the Facial Rollers. 

    Lightly grasp the roller and keeping your wrist close to your face, gently massage still muscles around the jaw, cheeks and forehead. 

    Starting at the chin, roll from the center outward and upward in each section of your face.

    Make sweeping rolls under the chin toward the collar bone, working outwards towards the sides of the neck.

    Gentle steady pressure is all that is needed.  The roller can be used daily in combination with serums, moisturizers and facial oils, or as part of a gua sha and massage mask routine.  The rollers can be hand warmed before use or popped in the refrigerator a few minutes for an extra cooling and re-invigorating effect.

  • Wash your roller before first use. Some residual dust might remain from the carving of the studded stone. Wash and pat dry after each use.


100% Natural Beauty Products with Aromatherapeutic Benefits. Made in Switzerland, since 2018.

This is what our customers say


I have been using Sava´s products for years now and can only recommend them! Nicole has always patiently guided me every time I needed an essential oil or if I was simply looking for a nice gift. My favorites items are her homemade creams or energy stones. Make sure you check them out when you visit her incredible store!


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