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Peace Touch

Peace Touch

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doTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend of floral and mint essential oils is a positive reminder you don’t have to be perfect to find peace.  Slow down, take a deep breath, and reconnect with the composed, collected you. Everything turning out fine begins with believing it will—and a few drops of Peace Reassuring Blend.


Primary Benefits:

  • Provides a calming, peaceful aroma
  • Complements affirmations of peace, reassurance, and contentment.



  • Rub onto your temples while reciting affirmations of peace.
  • Apply to shoulders and relax in a quiet room.
  • Add one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply.
  • Roll on pulse points throughout the day as part of a selfcare routine.


Comes in a 10 ml Roll-on.

  • Topical use: Apply to desired area as needed. No dilution required.
    Aromatic use: Roll on to diffusing jewelry, natural dolomite, or lava diffusing rocks.


100% Natural Beauty Products with Aromatherapeutic Benefits. Made in Switzerland, since 2018.

This is what our customers say


I have been using Sava´s products for years now and can only recommend them! Nicole has always patiently guided me every time I needed an essential oil or if I was simply looking for a nice gift. My favorites items are her homemade creams or energy stones. Make sure you check them out when you visit her incredible store!


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